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    My clients receive personalized attention from me, and never have to speak to a secretary or junior associate unfamiliar with their case. When you retain me, you get me, and you are getting an attorney who knows both sides of the case, from representing both plaintiffs and defendants. My trial readiness and thorough preparation have often resulted in my clients obtaining or saving millions of dollars, either through motion practice, pre-trial settlement, mediation, winning verdicts or appeal.

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    245 East 54th Street,24G | New York, New York IOO2Z

    Phone: 212-813-9148

    FAX: 212-308-9114

    Email: Lindastark@lindastarklaw.com

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  • Legal Practices

    -Sexual Misconduct


    -Premises Liability

    -Products Liability


    Legal Practices
  • Experience

    Beginning as an associate in a Wall Street defense firm learning medicine and medicalĀ  malpractice defense, becoming a name partner in what was a major firm, trying overĀ  100 documented cases and conducting thousands of depositions gave me the experience necessary to form my own firm and limit my practice to a small case load of serious, catastrophic, personal injury cases.